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CuroPark Harbor

Basic Purpose

  • To avoid unauthorized parking.
  • Enabling seamless and smooth entry and exit experience to the parking users
  • To keep transparency of parking slots available & occupied
  • Container verification based on TCN (Truck chit no.) through NIC server.
  • Container access permission and parking slot allocation based on container type.
  • Keep the record of container parking duration with entry and exit date / time.
  • FASTag / Digital and Cash Payment modes.
  • Parked Container slot change / Update.
  • Keep the record of total parking fee collection with segregated mode of payment

Software Features


  • Sea Port
  • Open Parking
  • Single entry / Multi exit points
  • Multi entry / Single exit point
  • Multi Entry / Multi exit Points


  • Container authentication and verification through NIC server
  • Parking slot allocation based on type of container
  • Realtime availability
  • Cash / Digital prepayment of parking charges before exit


  • Block Exit
  • Blacklist Entry
  • Driver Face mapped with Vehicle
  • Security Lock


  • QR / FASTag based digital payment
  • Cash Payment
  • Parking collection reconciliation
  • Role based versatile reporting
  • Operator wise parking collection

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